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05 November 2019The Rebuilding of the town of Ypres
10 December 2019Madame Pompadour - the porcelain of Sevres
14 January 2020The Queen's nightman
11 February 2020"I am the very model"
10 March 2020Gleaned and Gathered
14 April 2020Sir David Wilkie: Beyond the Renaissance.
12 May 2020Three Great Families and their Gardens
09 June 2020Wonder Makers and the Art of Illusion

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The Rebuilding of the town of Ypres Christopher Chanter Tuesday 05 November 2019

After its total destruction in the First World War , we will see what Ypres was like before in all its splendour and what it is like now.  You will see photographs taken before WWI and then the same buildings after the destruction and again images of the buildings taken very recently. No library shots used, only original material including Christopher's own photographs. 


Christopher Chanter: Has led lectures, study days and workshops. Author of articles on restoration, consultant on restoration to the Georgian Group. Chairman of Historic Buildings Committee, Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Society 1999-2004. Correspondent to the Council of British Archaeology.