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10 September 2019The History of the Skyscraper
08 October 2019European interior design through paintings 1480 - 1920
05 November 2019The Rebuilding of the town of Ypres
10 December 2019Madame Pompadour - the porcelain of Sevres
14 January 2020The Queen's nightman
11 February 2020"I am the very model"
10 March 2020Gleaned and Gathered
14 April 2020Sir David Wilkie: Beyond the Renaissance.
12 May 2020Three Great Families and their Gardens
09 June 2020Wonder Makers and the Art of Illusion

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The History of the Skyscraper Anthea Streeter Tuesday 10 September 2019


Through Anthea's extensive knowledge of Architecture, we look at the development of the buildings which have grown upwards and become iconic images.


Anthea Streeter: studied the Fine and Decorative Arts in London and continued her studies at Harvard University. It was while at Harvard, where there was great enthusiasm for American design, that she became interested herself in 20th century architecture. Since returning from America she has taught on courses in Oxford and London, lectured on the Country House course in Sussex, and for several private groups around the country. Special interest in the architecture and design of 20th century.