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11 June 2019Jupiter sculpture park
14 May 2019Ernest Shackleton's endurance expeditions captured on camera
09 April 2019Faberge Easter Eggs
12 March 2019Tulips from Amsterdam
12 February 2019Pox and Pestilence: Art and the Unforgiving
08 January 2019Empress Cixi and Imperial Chinese textiles
11 December 2018Golden Gobblers
06 November 2018The art of snow and ice
09 October 2018Table settings for Grand Occasions
11 September 2018Foreigners in London 1520-1677:The artists who changed the course of British Art.
12 June 2018Dumfries House: an Ayrshire renaissance
08 May 2018The Sport of Kings
10 April 2018Frido Kalo and Diego Rivera: the golden age of Mexican painting
13 March 2018The Silver Thread
13 February 2018Healing Stitches: therapeutic handcrafts in times of conflict
09 January 2018A life's work: from Fife to fame
12 December 2017The History of Stained Glass through the Christmas Story
07 November 2017Careless Talk Costs lives: the art of public information
10 October 2017Gilding the Lily: the Gardens of Florence
12 September 2017Maria Sibella Merion: artist, adventurer and scientist
13 June 2017Effie Gray: the model wife- Ruskin to Millais
09 May 2017Foundations of Fashion: the history of underwear, from 18th to 20th century
11 April 2017Art UK: uncovering the nation's hidden oil paintings collection
14 March 2017Jane Austen: life and times
14 February 2017The art of Piero della Francesca: the light of the north meets the magic of the sun
10 January 2017Vermeer's shadow: Hans van Meegeren
13 December 2016Nursery Notions: the music and history of nursery rhymes
01 November 2016That Woman the Duchess: time to reassess Wallis Simpson
11 October 2016Japanese architecture, gardens and tea culture
13 September 2016Grayson Perry: Pots of Art
14 June 2016Wagons West - Images of the American Frontier
10 May 2016The Cheapside Hoard
12 April 2016Royal Heirs to the Throne who never succeeded to the Throne
08 March 2016Joan Eardley: A Scottish Artist's Alternative View
09 February 2016Scotland's Castles : rebuilt, restored, and reoccupied.
12 January 2016El Greco
08 December 2015Step into the Christmas Card
03 November 2015A Chasm in Time: Scottish War Art and Artists of the 20th Century
13 October 2015William Hogarth
14 July 2015Threads of History: The World of the Bayeux Tapestry
09 June 2015Dissecting a mastepiece: Picasso's Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
12 May 2015The East Bedroom of Harewood House: including the Conservation of the 18th century Chinese wallpaper
14 April 2015Australia's Impressionists: The Heidelberg School, Fontainebleau & the Zenith Landscape
10 March 2015Fashion and Friendship: The Embroideries and Decorative Schemes of Mary Queen of Scots & Bess of Hardwick
10 February 2015Lost on the Titanic: The Great Omar Binding
13 January 2015The Power and Psychology of colour: its impact on our lives
09 December 2014Dickens and Christmas
04 November 2014Art in the First World War
08 July 2014The British Seaside Holiday
10 June 2014V&A Dundee
13 May 2014A child of Six Could Do It - Cartoonists and Modern Art
08 April 2014Sculptural Art of the Picts
11 March 2014The Georgian House Around the World
11 February 2014Islamic Art
14 January 2014Mediaeval Illuminated Bestiaries
10 December 2013Mrs Beeton - The Book of Household Management in its Culinary Context
05 November 2013The Russians are Coming - Diaghilev's Ballets Russes takes Paris by storm
08 October 2013The Art of Advertising

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Jupiter sculpture park Nicky Wilson Tuesday 11 June 2019

The AGM will precede this lecture.

Just outside Edinburgh and set in the grounds of Bonnington House, Jupiter Artland is  breathtaking sculpture park that features the works of many internationally acclaimed contemporary artists and sculptors.

Nicky Wilson: Robert and Nicky Wilson bought Bonnington House, a Jacobean manor house within an 100-acre estate, in 1999. Within a few years, the formal gardens, fields and woodlands surrounding this historic house began to suggest the perfect milieu for Nicky Wilson's long-held ambition to create a sculpture park.

Nicky, herself a sculptor manque since the birth of her four children had always been deeply influenced by Ian Hamilton Finlay's Little Sparta, some thirty miles as the crow flies, from Bonnington. Here, she believed, in this ancient place with reputed Knights Templar connections, art and nature, home and family, livestock and the footfall of those interested in contemporary sculpture could all co-exist. She and Robert, as serious collectors, knew many leading contemporary artists. Why not provide them with the opportunity to create new works in their grounds? They couldn't find any reason not to. So Jupiter Artland began to take shape.


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