28 June 2019Young Arts organizes outing for local school children to Broomfield house for opera and house tour
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Young Arts organizes outing for local school children to Broomfield house for opera and house tour
Friday 28 June 2019

On the 28th May a special children’s event was held at Broomhall House in Fife, the ancestral home of Lord Bruce. 85 primary 6/7 pupils from two different schools attended.

In small groups throughout the day, the children experienced a 30min arrangement of the Magic Flute, performed by Scottish Opera, in their mobile theatre.

They were then taken on a short tour of the house using worksheets to focus on particular historical items, devised by Lord Bruce.

Finally, they participated in a creative workshop making colourful birds using cut out hand shapes to form feathers, inspired by “Papageno” the bird catcher from “The Magic Flute”.

This was for many children their first experience of, not only opera but of visiting an historic house and studying artefacts relating to Scottish history.

In her letter of thanks their teacher passed on the children’s comments about their visit. They were fascinated by the beautiful paintings and described the house as “like the one in the The Secret Garden” and “a palace fit for a queen”.

The event was organised jointly by Past Area Chair Sue Osborne, Lord Bruce and The Arts Society Fife.

It was entirely funded by the Scotland and Northern Ireland Area, The Arts Society Fife, The Arts Society Tayside, Dollar Academy and Fife Education’s Music Dept. Lord Bruce made no charge for the use of his home and such was the success of the day we have been invited back next year for a similar event.