The Fife Church Recorders are feeling that they are beginning to achieve things at last. They have now completed the work in St. James Church in Cupar and it is all in preparation to have text and photographs brought together to be sent off to the Victoria and Albert Museum - in digital form - before being printed to go to the church and to local archives within Scotland. Meanwhile, the body of the Recorders have been able to start recording the inside fabric and furnishings of St. Athernase church in Leuchars. They have been working every Tuesday through the summer at Leuchars. Having learned from their first experience of recording they are pressing ahead at a great rate and hope to finish this record much more quickly.

It is very different to record a 12th Century Romanesque church after a Late Nineteenth century church. Anyone who does not know this lovely historic church should contact us at the next FifeDFAS meeting. We had hoped to be able to make a presentation then but that will have to wait until all is complete with our first record.

If you would like to suggest a church for the Recorders to consider or if you are interested in joining them, please get in touch. We would be happy to answer any questions and welcome any information you can give us on the church we are working on. For more information contact: Group Leader; Kate Nightingale,